Adopted via the foster care system, Yanellie and her family relocated to Los Angeles in 2009 to further pursue her acting goals.

Her first print job was for Toys R Us when she was three years old. Soon thereafter she made her film debut at age four in an SDSU short titled "Mediocre Masterpiece".

While her complete heritage is unknown, she is most often cast as Arabic, Persian, Indian, and Hispanic. Her current age range is 13-16.

She takes easily to memorizing lines in various dialects and foreign languages including Arabic, Dari, Farsi, and Spanish. Her favorite accents are Australian, British, Southern, and Indian.

When not on set, she can be found taking college classes, playing her electric and acoustic guitars, writing music, volunteering, or spending time with friends and family.


Luber Roklin (310) 854-1393

AEFH Youth Division (323) 939-1188

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Yanellie Ireland

Photo by Kenneth Dolin